New Change in the Universe

Have you seen all the change in the universe lately? The world is fighting, airplane’s just disappearing, people are upset and confused, and there is a lot of insecurity, fear and anger everywhere. And as a reflection of this change, our body a container of the universe, reflects the world’s climate.


Inside of us we have a even more upset climate, within the body, which is making a lot of people feel sick, with signs of upset stomachs, diarrhea, headaches, uncontrollable temper, irregular menstrual cycles, and that’s just naming a few.


It is more important than ever that we are in good health, our bodies are going through crisis, constantly testing the ups and downs of the body’s energy. Any tiny weakness in the body can be magnified and seeking attention. Several clients have come in with kidney stones, UTIs, inflammation of the joints, this is the time to take action! Without properly solving the old health issues, the body will never improve or get healthy.


It is a time to look at your body’s nutritional needs, to check the reserve, make sure you are strong enough to tolerate the stress of the world around us, being part of the universe, we, as human beings, can create stress for others if we don’t solve our own health problems.


Nutrition Response Testing

What's right for me?

What’s right for me?

, offers a very effective way to access to our inner intelligence system and retrieve all the information our body directs us, to the true healing. It also gives us the body history, and heals layer to layer, to give us an opportunity to reverse the aging and work on the unresolved health issues from the time we were born,


I am always amazed how this technique can help resolving so many unresolved childhood issues. It is a true method to rejuvenate ourselves and guilds us to find the truth living in us.





“We give every individual the right amount of nourishment and exercise, not too little and not too much, to find the safest way to optimize your health.”


The concept of total wellness recognizes that our every thought, word, and behavior.