Unexplained Infertility

Very insightful thanks for sharing. Acupuncture is also a method that has been proven to be very successful.

Path to Birth

When it comes to fertility challenges you can reach this weird place where you realise that you actually want something to be wrong with you. There’s a “sweet-spot” where something fixable shows up and – ah that’s WHY! Then you get pregnant straight away!

This actually can happen – a blocked tube cleared, endometriosis removed, thyroid issue corrected, Natural Killer (NK) cells suppressed and so on.

Most of us sit either side of the “sweet-spot” – in the land of unexplained infertility, or of explained infertility but treatment is complex….

I’ve been on both sides, and let me tell you neither is fun!

I want to talk today about the unexplained side of the TTC equation…

When you start this crazy ride you assume all is well. After some time you get some basic checks – hormone levels, ultrasounds, ovulation happening – which for us all came back with…

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4 Foods That Naturally Purge Toxins From Your Body

The world isn’t what it used to be.

Everyday our bodies are under attack because we now live in an era of relentless toxic exposure from plastics, pesticides, and obesity additives.

These harmful chemicals can be found everywhere. They are in the water we drink, the foods we eat, and the very air we breathe. And don’t forget about all the lotions, creams, shampoos, deodorants, and air fresheners we use.

Even our cookware can be toxic. Byproducts from Teflon pans, plastic particles from spatulas, and cooking sprays loaded with propellants.

Dangerous compounds like insecticides, PCB’s, heavy metals, benzene, dioxin, phthalates, pesticides, DDT metabolites, flame retardants, styrene, xylene and dichlorobenzene…all have been routinely found in the stool, urine and blood of average people all around the globe just like YOU.

Even newborn infants, not yet exposed to the outside world, are in danger.

In 2005, the American Red Cross took…

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How Does Acupuncture Relieve Stress?

Integrative Medicine

One of the reasons why acupuncture works so well for such a variety of conditions is that it relieves stress. We all know that chronic stress is the underlying mechanism for nearly all modern disease. But how exactly does it relieve stress?

Anyone who has ever been a “non-believer” in the power of acupuncture to assist the healing process in nearly every kind of health condition imaginable (and then gotten an acupuncture treatment to “prove” it doesn’t work) will attest to the fact that acupuncture’s effects are more than just a placebo. While the modern scientific understanding of “why” acupuncture works has been lagging, most people who have tried acupuncture say that it really does work.


Elite athletes have turned to acupuncture to help them go through intense training regimens without suffering from the typical side effects of overtraining, such as fatigue and injuries. When athletes do get injured or…

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13 Ways Acupuncture Can Change Your Life



Acupuncture helps us see the world differently—with more hope, openness, intention, gratitude, compassion, patience and clarity. In doing so, it changes us.

Here are 13 specific ways that acupuncture can change your life.

1.  It will open your mind.

Acupuncture requires us to think about health in entirely new ways. Despite noble efforts by many to find one, there is no biomedical equivalent for qi or meridians. Acupuncture turns mainstream medical tenets on their head. It will remind you that there are multiple ways of seeing the world.

2.  It will make you less stressed.

Acupuncture takes the edge off. It removes you from the perpetual state of sympathetic dominance in which so many of us find ourselves. By mellowing out the nervous system, acupuncture will help you feel less affected by and better equipped to manage the stressful aspects of life.

3.  It will inspire you to get…

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Does Acupuncture Work?

Let me ask you a question….

Are you fed up of visiting the doctor and being prescribed a new drug for each problem?

Are you tired of relying on pills that’s let’s face it, can give you more health issues then they solve?

It’s understandable. Sometimes it feels that the toxins you’re ingesting may have consequences in later life.

And there must be a better way right?

For thousands of years, mankind relied solely on natural medicine to treat their health issues.


However, the growth of pharmaceutical companies wielding huge power has coincided with the medical sector’s increasing reliance on synthetic substances, whose efficacy can sometimes come under scrutiny.

Traditional Chinese Medicine presents a potentially viable alternative for those who want to treat their body naturally.

Acupuncture has been practiced for thousands of years, with a huge supply of empirical evidence supporting its application.

Supporting scientific evidence remains polarised.


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The needling begins….



Friday 20th December

Today is my first session with Amanda for acupuncture. I have had acupuncture before. My body responds well to it.

“So what is it?” I hear you say….   Acupuncture involves inserting fine needles into specific points on the skin – or applying various other techniques to the acupuncture points – to restore balance and encourage the body to heal itself. Scientific studies have shown the potential for acupuncture to be effective in treating many disorders. Acupuncture is effective and safe when performed by a skilled practitioner. Source (Better Health Channel Victoria, November 2011)

The first time I had acupuncture was when I was pregnant with my son Samuel. At the time I was under extreme stress, my first Husband was an alcoholic and drinking like a fish, I was working to support the family, my father was diagnosed with cancer and at the time he was…

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